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Responsible and Sustainable

Apart from highest quality and best taste social responsibility and sustainable growth are the most important values for Salzburg Schokolade.

UTZ is one of biggest non-profit organisations worldwide engaging in sustainable cacao farming betreibt (www.utz.org). The aim is to ensure sustainable and efficient cacao farming in the countries of origin and a respectful dealing with natural and human ressources.

The word "UTZ" means good in the language of the mayan people, the discoverers of cacao. UTZ-certified farmers get education in business administration, social labour conditions and environmental management.

These measures help the farmers to enhance their standard of living. Independent supervisors check regularly the compliance of the UTZ-standards.

With the purchase of Schokotaler you help sustaining the UTZ program in the countries of origin and in further consequence raising the standard of living of the farmers as well as protecting the environment.