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Tradition and Pioneer Spirit

The history of Salzburg Schokolade goes back to the 19th century. At that time the Rajsigl-confectionery factory, which was founded in 1897 in the city of Salzburg, at that time, it was already creating and elaborating chocolate delights, from waffles to sweet delicacies.

Part of the company expansion was in 1948 when the factory foundation was built in Grödig - just outside the city of Salzburg - and eventually entirely relocated in 1956.

We are particularly proud for the long decades of tradition and our creations. For example, the real Mozartkugel of Mirabell which was created here and is also still produced exclusively for Mondelez.

Schokotaler with customisable labels are yet another unique innovation following the trend of our time.

Each chocolate medallion offers a delightful taste of fine chocolate, with its magnificent nougat cream and crunchy crispies. With each bite, you will enjoy the finest chocolate!