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The ideal Gift for
special occasions
Make a lasting impression for your guests, customers or friends with personalised and delicious chocolate medallions from Salzburg Schokolade.
Starting from 48 pieces
price € 49,- incl. VAT plus postage
gross weight 1,5 kg
More about the delicious chocolate medallion
The ideal
high quality gift
out of the best
Premium milk chocolate filled
with delicious crunchy-nougat
cream. These luxury chocolate
medallions make special
locations special.
Salzburg Schokolade supports sutainable agriculture through use of
UTZ-certified kakao.
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Chocolate fresh from
the factory
a fresh
Premium chocolate benefits from freshness. Only with fresh chocolate you can taste the full flavor of the finest cocoa butter and hazelnut - another benefit “directly from the chocolate” factory.

Best store at constant temperature around 18 C.
The chocolate remains crispy and fresh.
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The ideal gift
with tradition
the best
Salzburg chocolate provides the finest confectionery since 1897 in Grödig, which is located at the gates of Salzburg city. Dealing with chocolate requires much skill and experience to achieve the fine taste, the glossy finish and overall premium quality. From the 19th century until today, experience has been gathered while creating sweet innovations.

Photo © Tourismus Salzburg GmbH